Fancy Grilled Cheese


This is a simple twist on your classic grilled cheese sandwich. I am one of those people that never really grew out of ‘kids’ food. I love mac & cheese, grilled cheese, pancakes, etc. So this is my adult version of grilled cheese that is great for lunch.

2 slices of bread (I use whole wheat)
spinach (about 2 leaves, sliced up)
cherry/grape tomatoes (sliced, about 3)
margarine (approx. 2 tablespoons)
mozzarella cheese (about 5 slices off a brick)
italian seasoning

1. Spread the margarine/butter on the outside of your bread (Basic grilled cheese technique)
2. Place cheese, spinach and tomato on slice of bread, then sprinkle with italian seasoning and pepper (to taste)
3. Place the remaining slice of bread on top, heat frying pan over medium heat and grill away. I place a pot lid on top of my frying pan to keep the heat in and allow the cheese to melt and the tomatoes to get nice and hot. Keep checking the bottom of the bread, flip when brown.



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