Lesson Three: Find the Buried Treasure

In Lesson Three, we must challenge ourselves to get more organized. Go through your pantry and freezer, throw out all the stale or freezer-burned foods, then put a system in place that is going to work for you. You may wish to use bins or baskets in your pantry or freezer to help keep things organized. I grouped like things together, such as cans, pasta and rice, baking supplies, snacks, etc. In the process of doing this you may discover you have an abundance of almost finished bags of rice, random cans of beans and you may even find things you don’t remember purchasing.

Reasons to organize your pantry and freezer
• You probably have more food than you realize, you just can’t find it
• It’s easier to do inventory before you go grocery shopping, you can clearly see what you already have
• It’s less frustrating when you are trying to throw together a meal (it feels like you have nothing to make because you have to dig through your pantry and freezer trying to find ingredients to piece together a meal)
• Food doesn’t get wasted and left behind, I was pulling out freezer burned meat, stale crackers and ridiculously old bags of chips, etc.

Reasons to portion and label your meat and other frozen items
• No products are wasted because you have to defrost a pack of 4 chicken breast when you only need 2, etc.
• The labelling is especially useful if you’re sick of your husband/other holding up pieces of meat to you and asking you what they are
• When everything is portioned into convenient little baggies, it’s easy to group like items together or even put the smaller baggies into a larger freezer bag so you can keep all chicken together, all beef together, etc.

So far with the better organization and planning, dinner at our house has been way less annoying. I keep the meal planning list on my fridge so I can refer to it everyday and choose what’s for dinner. Because I have also been packing up the left overs, labelling them and freezing them … I am beginning to  build up my stock of ready to heat meals which I suspect will come in handy after the baby is born.

Download Meal Plan Sheet


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