The Beginning of a Journey

As I get ready to welcome my second child into our family, I find myself yet again wondering how one can possibly afford to live without working. I am a part-time waitress at a pizza place, I live off minimum wage and tips. My husband makes a comfortable salary and takes care of the main items such as the house and car expenses. I usually cover all the little bills like cell phones, internet, cable, etc. and the groceries. To get to straight to the point, I am not entitled to much as far as maternity leave goes and will have to get a little creative with our budget. Lately I have felt inspired by ladies of the past. It has occurred to me that people use to get by on much less than we are accustomed to now. Yes, I know prices have changed and so on and so forth. People didn’t have cell phones, cable, internet or often cars to pay for, but that wasn’t the only reason they were able to get by on less. Somewhere along the way of becoming ¬†independent women, we have lost touch with the thrifty home-maker’s spirit. Now I’m not about to go and become some sort of pioneer woman living in the dark ages, but I would like to learn to stretch a buck a little further. That being said, let the adventure begin.


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